Kate's hard-partying ex-girlfriend Natalie is dead. The police think it was an accident. 

But Kate begins to find clues Natalie left behind - clues that suggest she was murdered. 


With the help of Natalie's mysterious friend Lester, Kate sets off on a journey through Natalie's weird world of underground parties, sex and drugs to find out what happened

to her former lover, and why.


Natalie is a microbudget mystery/thriller, the first feature film from writer-director Laura Durkay. The film was shot in September 2013 in New York City's East Village, and is currently in post-production.


Natalie is currently seeking completion funds and post-production services.

Contact the director for further information about the film.


All Rights for the images reserved to keane dasalla's photostream  from flickr, if you keep them,please keep the credit.



a film by Laura Durkay